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Accounting services


BusinessGroup Consult Ltd Sofia, Bulgaria offers quality and professional accounting and bookkeeping services in Bulgaria. We help national and foreign individuals, companies and private investors do business in Bulgaria

We are specialized in the field of General Accounting and Bookkeeping, Management Accounting, Financial and Cost Accounting, Commercial and Real Estate Law, Tax Planning, Tax Management and VAT Tax Return, Company Registration in Bulgaria.

We also offer a legal protection in financial issues, legal assistance and tax consulting through the whole process of doing business in Bulgaria.


We offer quality general accounting and bookkeeping services for bulgarian and foreign companies, private investors according to Bulgarian Law. Our customers operate in various business fields: Building, Architecture and Development, Trade and Sales, Manufacturing, Transport and Forwarding, Imnort and Export, Real Esate, Recreation, and etc. We can help you organize and manage your business in Bulgaria and effectively process your accounting information according to your specific needs and requirements.

Outsourcing Accounting Services

We offer quality outsorsing accounting services for our customers in Bulgaria. There are several advantages of using our outsourced accounting services:

Therefore our customers choose our outsourcing accounting services.

    1.There is no need to open and manage a special office place and buy technical equipment for the accounting staff.
    2.There is no need of special education. When you hire us, you get a trained staff immediately. You can focus on billable work and avoid the hours spent on hiring, training, and managing staff.
    3.Tehre is no need to buy accounting software and accounting and Bulgarian law literature.
    4.There is no need to pay social security taxes for the ccounting staff.
    5.You pay only a monthly fee according to the contract we sign in.