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Legal Services in Bulgaria

BusinessGroup Consult Ltd Sofia, Bulgaria offers full range of legal services in Bulgaria. We help bulgarian and foreign residents, investors and companies with doing business in Bulgaria.

BusinessGroup Consult Ltd Sofia, Bulgaria provides flexible and cost effective independent legal services for companies, foreign investors and indivuduals which operate on bulgarian market. We assist foreigners in buying a property in Bulgaria according to Bulgarian Property Law. Our experts will protect your interests in the best possible way.

BusinessGroup Consult is an accounting and law firm located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We offer to our clients wide range of legal services in Bulgaria: representation by a lawyer, legal advice, legal information, legal protection in financial issues, legal assistance and consulting through the whole process of company registration and doing business in Bulgaria. We help foreign investors in legal protection and advice according to the Bulgarian Law. Our skilled professionals are experts in Bulgarian corporate and private law matters, and serve clients on a co-sourced, outsourced or project basis.

We are specialized in the field of taxation, corporate, commercial and real estate law, legal advisory and consulting, company registration in Bulgaria. We provide a wide range of legal information, advice, and representation services that help people resolve their legal problems.

You can access our knowledge with one-time fee for one-time consulting, or on monthly basis.

Let Us Help You

We give you all the information and full assistance needed to guarantee the trouble-free operating in bulgarian market.

Confidential and independent legal advice at low rates!

We offer to our customers professional legal services not only for traditional legal problems, but for everyday events such as:

- buying a house or a car in Bulgaria
- creating a will
- handling a problem with an insurance company

...and much more

Legal Assistance in Commercial Law - We help foreign companies and individuals do business in Bulgaria trouble-free.

Legal Assistance in Real Estate Law - if you want to buy a property in Bulgaria you need to know general real estate law issues, such ad the answers of the folowing questions:,/p>

- How can I protect myself before I sign?
- What are some things a buyer should look out for when dealing with the purchase of a house?
- If I am buying commercial real estate, what should go into my contract?
- Do I need to register a company in Bulgaria when buying a property in Bulgaria?
- ...and much more.

Register a Company in Bulgaria - Establishing a company is one of the most important tasks. Before you form your company, you need to answer these questions:

- When I form my company, what are the government requirements?
- Who should own my company and what are the benefits?
- Which type of company will result in the greatest tax savings?
- Will my company pay the lowest taxes?

You can choose between our full service or self-service options - full-service option provides in-depth analysis ot our customers comany requirements; self-service option allow our customers easily form their company using easy to understand solutions.,

BusinessGroup Consult provide the service: Company Registration in Bulgaria according to the Bulgarian Law. Click here to learn more.

Each clients business is unique as is the legal consulting and advisory.

Contact us to learn how our experts can help in your corporate or individual legal matters. To learn more about our Legal Services, simply send us an enquiry and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.